Who we are

At Five Sensations, we are experts at designing custom trips and unique experiences, offering you highly exclusive services of the very highest quality. We design the trip of your dreams for your discovery of Northern Spain and Northern Portugal, with a whole new and luxurious way of experiencing the Camino de Santiago.

We ensure that peacefulness will be the soundtrack for your journey.

Our services stand out due to our commitment, professionalism, prestige and reliability. We know that the essential ingredients for making a trip truly memorable are the sensations that we feel, and we are experts at designing them exclusively for you: traditional music concerts, visits to wineries, helicopter journeys, cooking and handicraft courses and workshops, golfing, fishing, horse-riding or sailing.




My name is Tamara Dean, and I am the founder of Five Sensations, my dream that came true with the purpose of astonishing my clients and creating exclusive and unique, high quality tourism experiences.

Travelling is my passion, and making people happy is my motivation but, above and beyond all else, designing the exact trip of your dreams is my life.

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Professionally, I have designed tailor-made trips for the main leading tourism agencies, including Virtuoso and Traveller Made, which have taken me to diverse European destinations in Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Italy and Spain. Further, throughout my career I have had the opportunity to create unique experiences for the most demanding clients, including artists, politicians and for the worlds of fashion and cinema.

I feel connected both physically and emotionally to Northern Spain and Northern Portugal and the Camino de Santiago, which is why the innovation, dedication and details that I put into designing each experience only help contribute to growing the renown of Five Sensations.

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‘All trips have secret destinations of which the traveller is not aware of’

Martin Buber, philosopher and writer 1878-1965