The festivities in Galicia in August 2017 that you should not miss

fiestas en Galicia en Agosto

Festivities in Galicia to enjoy this month of August
Music, sport and gastronomy to fight the heat

Fiesta del Albariño en Cambados (2 to 6 August).

It is one of the oldest gastronomic festivals in Galicia. It began in the year 1953. What initially was born as a competition among winemakers, became a National Tourist Interest Festival in 1990. In its fifty-seventh edition, visitors will enjoy performances such as the one of the British band The Waterboys (on August 4), or Heredeiros da Crus (on August 5), both in Fefiñáns Square. During the week, there will be wine tastings, children’s shows, and the traditional Albariño T-Shirt Competition.

Romería Vikinga de Catoira (5 and 6 August).

This Festival of International Tourist Interest began to be celebrated in the year 1960. It was born with the purpose of commemorating the relevance that this locality Pontevedress had in the defense of Galicia against the invasions of the pirates Normans and Saracens in centuries IX and X. The celebration is Presided over by the theatrical recreation of the battle between Vikings and local, accompanied by exhibitions of crafts, traditional games, musical performances and picnics.

Fiesta del Pulpo de Carballiño (28 July to 13 August).

This festivity, celebrated in the province of Ourense, is an ode to one of the star dishes of the Galician table: the octopus “á feira”. Its declaration as a celebration of National Interest in 2012 reinforced it as one of the gastronomic inescapable appointments of Galicia. In its fifty-fifth edition, it will feature the world’s largest Pulp Cover, on August 8th and with concerts by bands like La Unión, on August 11. Activities will end on August 13, the day of the Octopus Festival.

Feria del Bonito de Burela (4, 5 and 6 August).

The “blue prince”, as it is known the bonito in the town of Burela(Lugo), becomes the star product during the first weekend of August year after year, since 1983. The celebrations will begin on August 4 from 23.00 with musical performances. On August 5th and 6th, visitors will be able to attend the different tastings that will be held in the esplanade of the port. Among the products that will be served in this Festival of Tourist Interest of Galicia, is the gluten-free bonito or marmitako.

Fiesta del Agua, en Vilagarcía de Arousa (16 August).

This festival, recognized as National Tourist Interest since 2006, was born spontaneously in 1984 during the day of San Roque. The pilgrims who moved the saint to the church of Santa Eulalia de Arealonga, on their return, began to ask for water from the neighbors of this municipality Pontevedrés, who threw it from the windows. Since then, the launching of water has been generalized so that, besides being made from balconies, it is also made from civil protection trucks strategically located in the streets of the town.

Fiestas de San Roque, en Betanzos (14 to 25 de August).

The city lives in August its most emblematic parties. The celebrations of San Roque have activities for all types of public. Music lovers will be able to enjoy the concerts of the Argentine singer-songwriter Coti (on August 14) and of the group La Oreja de Van Gogh (August 19), both in the Plaza García Naveira. They will add colorful parades, sports tournaments and a multitude of games for the little ones. The festival, declared Holiday Interest Tourist of Galicia in 1998, will be crowned by the traditional launching of the paper Balloon on August 16.

Fiestas de María Pita, A Coruña (August).

If there is one thing that defines these festivities is the variety of its cultural offer. The Square of María Pita will be hosting concerts by artists such as Sés (on August 2), Jarabe de Palo (on August 4), Macaco (on August 5th), Miguel Bosé (August 6), all of them Starting at 10:30 p.m. Between 8 and 13 August, the city will be filled with performances thanks to the Noroeste Estrella Galicia Festival. Among the different venues of the concerts is the Riazor beach, where the audience can enjoy the themes of the British band Kaiser Chiefs (11 August at 11:30 p.m.) or Iván Ferreiro (12 August at 10:30 p.m.). The musical offer will be accompanied by the Book Fair (August 1 to 10), and the Festival ‘Viñetas from o Atlántico’ (August 7 to 13), in which fans of the band designed can attend Exhibitions and talks with authors.