Enjoy The Cider Route in Asturias this 2017

Asturian autumn has an apple smell

Those who have already traveled to Asturias, will know the symbolism that cider has in all areas of life in this territory. Besides being the main emblem of its gastronomy, the cider has become part of its idiosyncrasy. The numbers speak for themselves. Asturias has 500 varieties of apples that serve to produce about 50 million liters of cider per year.
Although this product can be tasted in all Asturias, there are six localities that form the well-known as The Cider Region. These are Cabranes, Bimenes, Villavicosa, Nava, Colunga and Sariego. In these towns, visitors can discover the history behind the drink, in addition to knowing their production process firsthand. The Cider Route is led by wineries-cider cellars-pomaradas-plantations of apple trees-and a rich cultural heritage.

A product with a denomination

Although there are other cider producing territories, such as Euskadi or Navarra, Asturian production accounts for 80% of the national total. The latter has, moreover, the peculiarity of being the only cider in the world to be slighted. With the pouring, a greater oxygenation of the product is achieved and this enhances properties like its smell and flavor. All these peculiarities gave rise to the birth of the Denomination of Origin ‘Sidra de Asturias’. This recognition is not only a guarantee of quality, but also puts in value the historical relevance of this product.

barrio de la sidra

Cultural heritage

The municipalities of the Region of the Sidra have recognitions and cultural peculiarities worth discovering.
Sariego received the Prince of Asturias Award in 2006 for “its commitment to local history and traditions, its capacity for initiative and social mobilization and its spirit of community”. Among the main attractions of the municipality are the pre-Romanesque church of Santiago de Sariego or the Romanesque church of Santa María de Narzana.
In Nava you will find the Cider Museum. This center is dedicated to the exhibition of new and ancestral techniques of the production of cider and its relation with Asturian culture.
In Bimenes they emphasize constructions like the palace of Martimporra, a building of the seventeenth century declared Historical Artistic Monument in 1982. Also in this locality the House of Les Radios is located. This space invites to discover the evolution of the radio through the centuries.
The town of Colunga houses the Jurassic Museum. This center analyzes the evolution of the Earth from its origin to the appearance of humans, emphasizing the Age of Dinosaurs.
The lush forests and extensive meadows are the most important sign of Cabranes. With them share the vestiges of the Romanesque rural present in temples as the church of San Julián de Viñón.
Villaviciosa is one of the most extensive towns in Asturias and its origin goes back to the Middle Ages. Its most important monuments are the “Conventín” and the Monastery of Santa María de Valdediós.

palacio de Martimporra

Scenic beauty

Inside Colunga and Ribadesella is the Sierra del Sueve, which also extends through the towns of Caravia, Parres and Piloña. The mountainous complex covers an area of 8112 hectares and is declared Protected Landscape, within the Regional Network of Protected Natural Areas (RRENP).
The Sierra offers, at one of its points, one of the most beautiful views of the Asturian coast. This point is none other than the Mirador de Situ, located in Pico Pienzu (1.159m.), And from which you can even see the Picos de Europa.
Among the native flora visible in the mountain chain there are oaks, ash, chestnut and hazel, and in the lower areas, alders, poplars and willows. For its part, the fauna is dominated by species such as gamos, eels, aquatic blackbirds, griffon vultures or horses asturcones —one of the oldest species in the world—.

sierra del Sueve

Cider theraphy

There are few properties that cider has for health. These benefits can not only be achieved through their intake, but are also present in various therapeutic treatments. Through massages, baths in cider bubbles or body wraps can be achieved in skin rejuvenation, toning and total relaxation of the body.