The 5 most exclusive restaurants in Portugal

Vista, in the Algarve

In the city of Faro, the Portuguese Algarve, the Vista restaurant is located. The serenity of its decoration, in which the white color predominates, merges with the impressive maritime landscape that surrounds the Bela Vista Hotel, a space in which it is located. The culinary excellence of Vista, captained by chef João Oliveira, earned him a Michelin Star in this brand new 2018. The team of professionals behind this restaurant is not limited to the culinary field, but also has its mark on the architectural plan. And it is that the person in charge of designing his interior decoration, Graça Viterbo, is one of the most recognized interior designers of the Portuguese country.
As for the gastronomic offer, Oliveira is committed to a union between the Mediterranean flavors and those more typical of northern Portugal. Proof of this are the menus Sea and sustainability and Vanguard. The first one, focused on fishing and sustainable aquaculture, contains dishes such as mackerel with sea fennel and onion or Portuguese prawn with cilantro, curry and gazpacho. The second menu has a more avant-garde stamp and you can taste ingredients such as the Bairrada suckling pig with creamy egg, mushrooms, spinach and San Jorge cheese or shrimp with cauliflower, halófilas herbs, Riofrío caviar and champagne.

Vista restaurant

Estórias na Casa da Comida, in Lisbon

In its beginnings, some four decades ago, this Lisbon restaurant was born to offer its diners a sophisticated Portuguese cuisine, which led it to become one of the first restaurants in the capital to get the long-awaited Michelin star. Years after becoming a forerunner of the current Lisbon restoration, the place has been reconverted through a change of decoration that goes hand in hand with a new gastronomic concept directed by chef Duarte Lourenço.
The new space distills a smaller rigidity than in the past, although it retains details of its original elegance, such as its attractive terrace. Estórias na Casa narrates, through its dishes, stories related to the family and historical tradition of the neighboring country. Among their recipes, they highlight the partridge in escabeche, the egg cooked at low temperature accompanied by a salad of asparagus and homemade bread, or the veal liver in the Portuguese style with caramelized onions and raspberry vinegar.

Estórias na Casa da Comida restaurant

The Yeatman , in Porto

The Yeatman gives name to a hotel and a restaurant with privileged views of the city of Oporto and the Douro River. The culinary proposal of this space, prepared by the young chef Ricardo Costa and his team, is based on a creative and at the same time sophisticated cuisine, elaborated with seasonal products from his immediate surroundings.
His three menu types have given it two Michelin stars. The tasting, called “Chef’s Special Menu”, consists of ten dishes, including a set of appetizers and dessert. It is accompanied by an infusion of the chef or a coffee and can take together, optionally, a pair of four or six wines, both Portuguese and international.
For those who prefer a smaller quantity, there is a six-course option, known as the Gastronomic Experience menu, with the possibility of a pairing of five Portuguese wines; or the so-called Chef’s Four Dish Suggestion, consisting of four dishes suggested by the chef, which do not have a pairing.

The Yeatman restaurant

Il Gallo D’Oro, in Madeira

The Italian-born chef Benoît Sinthon is in charge of piloting one of the most curious gastronomic experiences in Madeira. Il Gallo D’Oro, located inside the hotel The Cliff Bay, is characterized by having chosen as a point of reference for its recipes Mediterranean and Iberian cuisine, leaving aside international food.
In his letter, already awarded with two Michelin stars and three Repsol soles, we find dishes such as the Fourier d’Ambert cheese Ferrero Rocher, the goat cheese snow, the Benoît Sinthon lobster, or the duo de foie gras. All these creations are included in their different menus. The most outstanding are the Top Experience, in which the tradition and the avant-garde are fused in dishes such as the Portuguese carabinero; the All Times Greatest Flavors, which invites us to make a “culinary journey of excellence”, and The Signature Menu, a four-course menu that includes a tribute to the bay.

Il Gallo D'Oro restaurant

Belcanto, in Lisbon

Belcanto has the distinction of having been the first restaurant in Lisbon to receive two Michelin stars. Its origins go back to the year 1958, when it was inaugurated in the neighborhood of Chiado, birthplace of the poet Pessoa.
Praised by international media such as The New York Times, Belcanto has a menu and five options for the diner: the Lisbon Menu, the most extensive with “20 moments”, based on the history of the Portuguese capital and its conquering past in different points of the world; Menu of Restlessness, based on the “Book of Restlessness”, by Fernando Pessoa, “as a story in various chapters”, with 6 dishes; Classic menu, with the creations that the chef keeps unchanged in his offer, with 4 dishes; the Menu of the Station, with three dishes made based on seasonal products; and the Chiado Menu, available at midday from Tuesday to Friday, with 2 or 3 courses.

Belcanto restaurant