Maruja Limón: the resurgence of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Vigo

“Adapt or die” seems to have been the motto of the restaurant Maruja Limón, the first to receive a Michelin star in the city of Vigo, since it abandoned its previous location to become an innovative space in the heart of that city. The know-how of Rafa Centeno and his right hand Inés Abril –contestant in the second edition of the TV show Top Chef–, moved to the street Montero Ríos of Vigo this last summer and made some changes in their recipes and the internal structure of the restaurant maintaining the excellent quality of the products and the flawless presentation of their dishes, qualities that made it win the biggest gastronomic international recognition as well as two suns Repsol.

A modern design

Times have changed and training in the field of catering has progressed and specialized giving rise to chefs with a great capacity to experiment and adapt their recipes to a specific theme and inspiration, as if it was a piece of art. Given the increasing competition present in the culinary industry, there are many professionals already established  who have decided to turn around their businesses with the aim of providing a more personalized service in which the needs of the customer and the contact with him/her are two pillars. This is what Centeno and Abril have done with the renewal of Maruja Limón. The Michelin-starred is now divided into three rooms with very defined features that cater to the desires of the diners. The first is the area of ​​tapas or as they call it, the “rogue kitchen”, where you can enjoy without reservation any of the original appetizers accompanied by a good wine. Moreover in the modern main room there is space for both tasting menus for the typical menu of Maruja Limón which combines traditional dishes with new ideas.

Finally, the most exclusive area of Maruja Limón, a room limited to 14 people, is its open kitchen. In this place diners can watch the chefs during the preparation of the ordered dishes.


Traditional and creative cuisine

The premise of the culinary part of Maruja Limón kitchen is based on the fusion of ingredients from Galicia cooked with modern and innovative techniques, something that is reflected in dishes like ceviche of sea bream with potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes and radish, bonito broth flame of their thorns or wild boar stew, baked apple, raisins and pine nuts. In the wine list the customer can choose both Galician varieties as wines from various parts of the Spanish geography.