Martín Codax, a gastronomic and cultural reference

During these days the town of Cambados, in the province of Pontevedra, is immersed in a celebration which focuses its attention on one of the products of the area, which is none other than the Albariño wine. The party, declared of National Tourist Interest, is located in a town of great gastronomic traditions. Cambados, and more specifically the Salnés Valley is the cradle of  most representative wine variety of the designation of origin Rías Baixas and that is where one of the most renowned wineries of Galicia, Martín Códax, is located.


This warehouse, which reflects the hard work of growers in the area, has its origin in 1985 when a group of professionals merged under the Agrupación de Cosecheiros de Albariño de Vilariño-Cambados, which later adopted the famous name Bodegas Martín Codax.

The fact that these wineries are located in the Salnés Valley is not casual, because the conditions of this location are exceptional for the vineyards of Albariño variety: a mountain range that protects them from the excessive continental heat and the proximity to the ocean that provides the necessary crops to go in front of an optimal moisture.

The interior of the Bodegas Martin Codax is equipped with the most modern systems of production, because if something has searched the company since its inception is to achieve excellence in each of the products and services offered not only by a careful production process where the purity of the wines of Salnés is guaranteed but also through different fermentation techniques that achieve the nuances of the different varieties that form its product range. Despite these wineries make use of technological advances, it doesn’t leave aside the sustainability and the environment by reducing carbon emissions to the minimum.


All wine lovers should visit the Bodegas Martín Códax, not only for its international prestige but also because of the unrivaled natural environment surrounding its facilities. The tour begins with a guided tour of the cellar in which, step by step, the production process of the Albariño wine is explained. Afterwards, visitors can sample different varieties of Martin Codax wines and experience an olfactory sensory experience to appreciate every nuance of their excellent products.

If in addition to know the secrets behind the production of the famous wines of the Rías Baixas, you are interested in holding an event at the premises of Martín Códax, you can do well either on the outside terrace overlooking the Estuary of Arousa and the vineyards, or in its function room or, if you prefer a more intimate environment, you can go to a reserved place for meetings.



Martín Códax wineries are responsible for producing different types of wines and spirits. Among the former are the next: Burgáns, Marieta, Martín Códax, Martín Códax Lías –awarded Best young wine from Spain by the Spanish Association of Wine Writers and Journalists–, Organistrum, Martín Códax Gallaecia, Alba Martín, Mara Martín, Anxo Martín, Martín Códax Vindel –elected the best white wine in Wine Week– and Alba Martín Espumoso. Among the spirits, we find Aguardiente Blanco, Licor de Hierbas, Licor Café and Aguardiente Envejecido.

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Cultural contribution

In addition to the important contribution from Martín Códax to the national and international cuisine, this winery, which took its name from a famous Galician troubadour of the thirteenth century, also contributes to the support of the Galician culture. From 1992 until 2000, it was responsible for convening the Poetry Prize Martín Códax and currently it promotes and sponsors cultural events such as the 1000 Caminos exhibition —which brings together images and experiences of some of the pilgrims of Santiago and will be available in the Galician capital until the end of August— or the Martín Códax Music Awards, which gives official recognition to the Galician musical diversity.

During every Thursday in August, the terrace of the Bodegas Martín Códax, as it was done throughout July, will host a series of concerts of Galician artists called “Os Xoves de Códax” and whose benefits will go to the box office different charities in the area. In the film plane, the vineyards of Martín Códax served for the creators of 3D animation film “O Apóstolo” to recreate the Galician forest.

Besides promoting Galician culture within our borders, Martín Códax contributes to expand it internationally to over 40 countries to which it exports its products.