The best accommodation available in Green Spain

If northern Spain has something it is the wide diversity that this area offers to its millions of visitors. Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country offer gastronomic, scenic, cultural and architectural proposals of great quality that makes these destinations one of the main tourist attractions of our country. This time we will focus on the heritage of the so-called Green Spain, more specifically in the architecture that, besides being likely to host cultural visits, can also be adapted for the private accommodation or the organization of events. It is not uncommon along the four autonomous regions, buildings of great historical significance and structural beauty that offer the possibility to sleep, organize a meeting or present a project in a single environment.
In Five Sensations, we offer the unique opportunity to book some of the most spectacular properties across the country. We present some of them classified by the place to which they belong.

Basque Country
Palacio Pagaldegarai. Oiartzun (Guipúzcoa)
This historic house is surrounded by a natural environment. Its guests can access in just three minutes walk to the river Oiartzun, in addition to the possibility of a relaxing stroll around the spacious garden outside the hotel, which features a private wooded area and a terrace with barbecue. In addition to welcoming bedrooms, library and games room, the Palace has a bicycle rental service for those visitors who wish to use it to tour the Aiako Harria Nature Reserve, just 5 km from the house.



Torre Satrústegui. San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa)
Located on the slopes of Mount Igueldo, in the beautiful seaside city of San Sebastián, this spectacular building was built in 1884 by Baron Satrústegui. It has enviable views of the bay and a neat garden that wraps its Renaissance facade giving it a magical appearance. The interior of the building, dominated by a large central staircase around which the other rooms are distributed, is decorated based on wood floors, a material that provides a rustic touch to its structure. The Tower is an ideal place to spend a few days enjoying a relaxing environment or to organize family meetings or company reunions.

Torre Satrustegui BUENA

Casa del Marqués. Santillana del Mar
Residence of the ‘Marquis of Santillana, Don Íñigo López de Mendoza, this beautiful building is now a charming five-star hotel where the great historical and decorative values are combined in a unique environment.
The interior of this fifteenth century Gothic building is accessible via 2 doors elegant pointed arch. On the facade, there are four closed windows which opening is saved with lintels, and next to these, the shields of the Vega’s house, according to legend, saved the life of the Marquis of Santillana during a fighting against a Muslim. Customers are encouraged to enjoy this attractive complex and to travel back to medieval times, but without neglecting all the comforts that requires an exclusive property today.

Casa del Marqués

Palacio de los Hornillos. Arenas de Iguña
The fame of this impressive building began to increase since 2001, when the director Alejandro Amenábar chose it as the setting of the famous movie The Others. The complex consists of two separate palaces along which is the largest farm in Cantabria, with 60 hectares. The first building, converted into an exclusive hotel was built by Rafaela Ortiz Mioño, Duchess of Cilleruelo, in the late eighteenth century, in stone masonry and wooden joists. At present, it has a local 450 m2, rentable for different types of events. The second was built by English architect Ralph Seden Worman by order of the Duke of Santo Mauro, Mariano Fernández de Henestrosa, head of Alfonso XIII palace between 1897 and 1904.


Palacio de Miravalles. Villaviciosa
This spectacular Asturian palace of nearly 1000 square meters is located on the outskirts of the city of Villaviciosa. Divided into three large floors, it has a heated indoor pool and a traditional private chapel. This property is equipped to accommodate a group of several families or friends. Each of the windows give the building a unique natural environment, either the rugged Asturian mountains or the beautiful gardens outside the palace. Sea lovers will be able to access within 15 minutes to the beach of Rodiles, very close to the building.

Palacio de Miravalles

Castillo del Bosque de la Zoreda. Manjoya
This classic style luxury hotel is located in a stunning Asturian country castle built in 1930. The Zoreda Forest, which surrounds the Castle, consists of more than 30 hectares of woodland full of great biological richness of Atlantic species. Hotel guests can enjoy spectacular views of both the forest and the rugged mountains near the same.
The interior of the Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda is luxurious and elegant, with spacious and bright rooms and common areas where you can relax with all the amenities you can imagine. Besides enjoying the manicured hotel stays guests can make excursions to some of the points from the Asturian coast near the building, as the Cabo Peñas or the town of Quintes, known as the ‘viewpoint of the Cantabrian’ for its spectacular views.
Castillo del Bosque de la Zoreda

Pazo del Sar. Rois (A Coruña)
The Genoese Marquis of Piombino, founder of the manor in the early eighteenth century, was able to print an Italian style architecture and mix with a baroque design that positioned in the elite of the Galician mansions of the time. The noble house served as the summer residence of King Alfonso XIII and the Infante Louis of Bavaria and, today, offers the possibility to stay within any lover of art and history. Curiously, the Pazo del Sar, built in 1727, has a wooden altarpiece by the sculptor José Gambino, who also participated in various works of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.


Casa Novavila. Meis (Pontevedra)
Wine lovers can not pass up the opportunity to stay in this attractive country in which a characteristic Albariño wine. Novavila provided along with tastefully decorated fruit taste for the design of its owners, an outdoor pool and rooms with free minibar. One feature that makes this house unique is that much of the furniture, with a very personal and eclectic style, is available for sale. Another feature that distinguishes the Novavila about other properties is that guests can attend tai-chi classes or therapeutic massages.
The proximity of the building to the well-known Meis golf course, makes it one of the favorite choices for lovers of this sport.

Vila Nova