Discover the route of the Galician lighthouses

Knowing the Galician coast from a perspective that joins the landscape, the historical and the sport is possible through the route of the lighthouses. The Galician coastline, where these buildings are located, is surrounded by kilometers of vast nature, where you can practice sports such as hiking or horseback riding, while enjoying an environment dominated by the green tones and ocher of the lush vegetation and bluish Atlantic. From Five Sensations , we propose a route that gathers all the beauty of the north and south of Galicia.

Ferrolterra and Ortegal

We start from the north. The regions of Ferrolterra and Ortegal reunite some of the most imposing lighthouses of all Galicia. The most northerly of the Iberian Peninsula is the Estaca de Bares, located in the town of Mañón. This 33 meter lighthouse was first lit in 1847. Lovers of ornithology can enjoy the bird observatory in the vicinity of the tower.

Further south we can find the Cape Ortegal lighthouse, located in Cariño. From it, we can enjoy the spectacular rocky complex that form the Three Aguillóns. These are three pointed boulders on which the waves beat. You can also see, to the west, the cliffs of Punta do Limo and Vixía da Herbeira. The latter is one of the highest in Europe, with 613 meters above sea level, which place them among the highest in Europe.

The Punta Frouxeira lighthouse, in the municipality of Valdoviño, is characterized by its avant-garde style. And it is one of the last lighthouses built in Galicia. It is included within the Natural Space da lagoa e Areal de Valdoviño, formed by the beach, the lagoon and the marsh.
The city of Ferrol shelters two lighthouses: the Cape Prior lighthouse and the Cape Prioriño lighthouse. The first dates from 1853 and is located in the parish of Covas. From there, we can see the Ferrol estuary in its immensity. The second is located at the entrance of the estuary, about 30 meters above sea level, and has an interpretation center.

Punta Frouxeira lighthouse

A Coruña metropolitan area

If there is an emblematic lighthouse in Galicia, that is the Tower of Hercules. The only Roman lighthouse that has been in operation since its construction. Its rich heritage led UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage Site in 2009. From its beginnings, in the middle of the first century, it has been the object of numerous legends that have given it a mystical halo fueled by its privileged location.

Although less known and smaller, the Mera lighthouse, in the municipality of Oleiros, enjoys a privileged position in which it is possible to see the bay of A Coruña. The village of Mera has charming, quiet and sheltered beaches.

Tower of Hercules

Costa da Morte

In the west of the province of A Coruña, in the locality of Camariñas, is the oldest electric lighthouse of all Spain; the one of Cape Vilán. This tower and the imposing place that surrounds it are cataloged as Natural Site of National Interest, for its great ecological value. Inside you can visit the Interpretation Center of Shipwrecks, Lighthouses and Maritime Signals and also an exhibition hall.

The most western part of Galicia, in the town of Muxía, the crown of the Touriñán lighthouse, located in the cape of the same name. This light tower of 11 meters was built in 1898, although its last reform dates from 1981. Located in the heart of the Costa da Morte, the Touriñán lighthouse stands before an ocean that often manifests itself with all its force.

Finally, it could not miss the Fisterra lighthouse, inaugurated in 1853. This octagonal base monument and located 138 meters above sea level, is the second most visited in Galicia, only behind the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. From here you can see the carnotan coast and the Corcubión estuary. The profusion of fog in the area forced, at the end of the nineteenth century, to install next to the lighthouse a siren known as “the cow of Fisterra”, by the sounds it emits to warn the navigators in days in which the orientation is makes it virtually impossible because of lack of vision.

Fisterra lighthouse