7 castles and monasteries of Portugal that you should know

castillos y monasterios de portugal

A route that was born at the same time as its country You are about to discover 7 castles and monasteries of Portugal that do not leave anyone indifferent. The fact of being one of the oldest states in Europe, dating back to the twelfth century, makes Portugal a place of pilgrimage for all travelers […]


Discover the Route of the Camelia 2017 in Galicia

ruta de la camelia 2017

A route guided by a timeless beauty Known as the ‘Rose of Japan’, the camellia has been the center, for more than a decade, of one of the most famous tourist routes in Galicia. The Route of the Camelia 2017 is highlighted not only by the beauty of this flower of oriental roots, but also […]


Green Spain, a coveted culinary destination

If there is anything that makes Spain a heterogeneous country is the variety of historical traditions that forms each of its regions. One of the biggest attractions is the food that, along with the landscape and climate, is one of the aspects most demanded by visitors came from abroad, both for the variety and the […]


Vidago Palace, the Portuguese hotel that rose from the ashes

The history of this luxurious property in northern Portugal did not allow that its facilities were enjoyed by those who commissioned its construction. The King Carlos I of Portugal was the one who, taking advantage of extraordinary conditions of the mineral waters of the parish of Vidago, in the town of Chaves, launched the construction […]


The magic of a city with literary airs

The bohemian and accomplice character of Oviedo inspired the author Leopoldo Alas “Clarín” to write the book which became the masterpiece of the Spanish literature of the nineteenth century: La Regenta. In the book, the capital of Asturias was identified with the name of Vetusta and the tory developed in each of its streets and crannies became so powerful that […]


Spotting the best landscapes of the Galician coast

The coastline of Galicia makes up one of the largest landscape values ​​of our country. Many tourists and audiovisual professionals decide each year to come our land seeking to capture, with their gaze or the lens of their cameras the confluence of sea and land from a privileged place. In 2013 the Lighthouse Route was […]


Martín Codax, a gastronomic and cultural reference

During these days the town of Cambados, in the province of Pontevedra, is immersed in a celebration which focuses its attention on one of the products of the area, which is none other than the Albariño wine. The party, declared of National Tourist Interest, is located in a town of great gastronomic traditions. Cambados, and […]


The finest golf courses in Galicia

If anything makes Galicia a perfect place to practice outdoor sports is its extraordinary nature and landscape. Golf is one of the most suitable sports for this time of year, and the Galician summer, with its moderate temperatures, invites to enjoy a day in a relaxing environment. Here we present some of the best golf courses […]


The Way of Saint James, on rails

The Way of Saint James is one of the main tourist attractions of our country both within and outside our borders. Not surprisingly, there are two distinctions that highlight its cultural, historical and spiritual value: First European Cultural Itinerary (1987), and Cultural Heritage (1993). Many travelers each year decide to embark on a journey to the […]


A hotel with more than five centuries of history

The first of the two big days of the Festivity of the Apostle of Santiago de Compostela has come. The night of the 24th July is magic for both locals and visitors who come year after year to see how the facade of the historic cathedral becomes, for a few minutes, in a canvas on […]