Casa Marcelo: a gastronomic benchmark which regained its Michelin Star

On 25th November last the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos of Santiago hosted the most prestigious event in the food industry: the Michelin Stars Gala 2016. In it, a total of fifteen restaurants, fourteen Spanish and one Portuguese, received their first Star, two Spanish received their second and, unlike other years, no restaurant received the three-star recognition –the maximum one– in the culinary guide. Among the places that have been awarded a Star is the gastrobar Casa Marcelo from Santiago de Compostela. His famous chef Marcelo Tejedor is not a rookie in these affairs of the gastronomic firmament, not in vain his know-how in his previous restaurant made him win a Michelin star that he lost in 2010, won again a year later and returned shortly before he opened his new culinary proposal in April 2013  which, despite maintaining its original name, has been a boost to its previous gourmet establishment.

Menu with local and international touches

The origins of Casa Marcelo greatly influenced the evolution of many other Spanish restaurants which adapted the innovative techniques that Tejedor introduced from the start in his business. On the one hand, the restaurant is characterized by inserting the kitchen in the dining room so that customers can have more contact with the raw materials used for the recipes and how the professionals elaborated them. Moreover, there was a single tasting menu which changed depending on the seasonal products available in the market.

The current Casa Marcelo is not a restaurant but a gastrobar, a concept that gives the chef and his team a greater freedom and flexibility to experiment with new culinary influences. Tejedor converted his old restaurant in a space with three bars in 2013, a novel change designed to merge meals of three different cultures: the Galician, the Peruvian and the Japanese.

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Simple image to a culinary benchmark

Despite its innovative character, Casa Marcelo retains the simplicity that identifies its corporate image since it opened its doors in 2004. For that reason its logo continues to be an original graffiti that fits perfectly with the modern and casual style of the gastrobar, in which the dishes and the arrangement of the tables are designed to share with other people.
All this, together with qualities as the originality and capacity for renewal and experimentation contributes to make Casa Marcelo a benchmark in terms of gastronomic innovation inside and outside our borders.

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