A new edition of Cineuropa has just started in Santiago

As usual since 1987 the capital of Galicia will host one of the film festivals of reference in Spain: the Cineuropa Festival. It began yesterday and will last until 29th November.

The wide and varied cultural offer of Cineuropa is known for the hundreds of spectators who monopolize year after year the main showrooms Santiago to enjoy the best International independent cinema as well as the feature film debuts of new directors and some cycles of established filmmakers. For those who still don’t know the festival we make a brief review of its history and what lies ahead this XXIX edition.

First steps

The event was born in the late eighties hand almost three decades later José Luis Losa remains being its director. The latter has been responsible, since its inception, to visit the main European film events in order to choose the films that he later would bring to Compostela. This hard work is compounded by the wide variety of film proposals and the good quality/price relationship of the tickets so it not wonder that Cineuropa has become in one of the most valued festivals over the years.


An edition with oriental and Latin airs

In each issue, since 2000, the Cineuropa Prize is granted to one or more leading figures of the seventh art. The protagonists this year are the Mexican director Arturo Ripstein and the Portuguese director Miguel Gomes. The first has half a century of international work behind him Cineuropa will dedicate a special retrospective on his latest film The street of bitterness, shown at the last Venice Film Festiva. The second, Miguel Gomes, though younger and therefore less experienced than Ripstein, is famous for the avant-garde touches that prints in each of their movies recognized at European level (in the picture, one frame of his film Taboo).


The International Section of the festival will be chaired on this occasion by oriental movies like Rabin, the last day or Songs my brothers taught me and Latin American movies such as Ixcanul or The pearl button. The section OFF-Cineuropa includes among its projections the thematic cycle Red and Martians: the witch hunt in Hollywood, with some films of the pre-fascist era in the US and the Soviet Union and the sections Arthur Miller Centenary or Filmed in 1965 .

In addition, a total of 35 films will compete for the Audience Award which will be awarded considering the feedback of the viewers.