5 visits that will make you live the scariest Halloween

Halloween is the most awaited festivity by all those who feel a special attraction for horror films. One of the plans that are repeated during this time is to enjoy a movie of this genre while you look for ideas for your next disguise. Whether you are followers of such marathons or you prefer other kind of plans, we show you some of the darkest places of northern Spain and Portugal in which to enjoy a visit full of fear.

Cementery of Luarca, Asturias

The cemetery where the remains of the Nobel Medicine Prize Severo Ochoa lie is one of the most visited spots of the Asturian town of Luarca. The main attractions of this cemetery are the spectacular views of the sea and the mountains and the stunning beauty of its funerary architecture, which prints a melancholic touch to this peculiar enclave.

Witchcraft Route and Museum of Zugarramurdi, Navarra

If you are enjoying the varied cultural offer of the Green Spain for these autumn dates, you can travel to Navarra to live experience that will surprise you at the Museum and the Route of the Witchcraft of Zugarramurdi. This small town is full of mystery and was marked by the ruthless process of the Inquisition in which the Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia found inspiration to shoot his acclaimed film The Witches of Zugarramurdi.


Chapel of Bones in Évora, Portugal

Built in the sixteenth century by a Franciscan monk who was looking to make its visitors think about the ephemeral nature of life, this unique chapel was ‘decorated’ by using perfectly placed bones along all the walls and columns. The sinister nature of the ornamentation is accompanied by with the scary message that can be read in its entrance –”the bones that are here are waiting for yours–. This small temple has been point of pilgrimage for lovers of horror and mystery.


Sanctuary of O Corpiño, Galicia

The town of Lalín, in Pontevedra, hosts one of the most mysterious temples throughout Spain. And the sanctuary of A Virxedo Bodice has been subjected to all kinds of legends that bind the employer to cure mental illness. This has meant that, for centuries, have been carried out within many rituals aimed at curing ‘meigallos’ 23 and June 24 of each year.

O corpiño

Orchate, Burgos
Located inthe north of the province of Burgos, near Álava, this town is surrounded by several mysteries that have accompanied its history for years. Uninhabited for centuries -in 1750 its census consisted of just 6 people- being examples of this a series of paranormal events ranging from UFO sightings to mysterious disappearances and deaths of people from the town. These stories are supplemented by the meaning of its name –Orchate name means “secret door” or “gate noise” in Basque language–.