August 2015


Famous pilgrimages to Compostela

One of the cultural itineraries in the international scene has been recorded and studied in a number of publications, film, or even musical productions. How to forget the famous song A Santiago voy of the Spanish band Los Tamara, that turned into almost a hymn of the pilgrimage to the capital of Galicia. The truth […]


6 magical places to get lost in Asturias

Asturias is well known to its three great historic cities: Aviles, Gijon and Oviedo. These three urban settlements stand as the three openings of the mullioned window typical of Romanesque Asturian art, which has become one of the identifying symbols of the region. Without neglecting the enormous cultural attraction that arouse the most important cities, […]


The best accommodation available in Green Spain

If northern Spain has something it is the wide diversity that this area offers to its millions of visitors. Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country offer gastronomic, scenic, cultural and architectural proposals of great quality that makes these destinations one of the main tourist attractions of our country. This time we will focus on […]


The symbolic power of the Way of St. James

Millions of people decide, year after year, to undertake the first European Cultural Route. The reasons that encourage the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela are varied, ranging from spirituality to the desire of living an adventure based on the multiculturalism and the rich landscape. Anyway, there is no doubt that the Way of St.James is […]


Upcoming cultural events in Galicia

August is over and with it much of the summer cultural offer. September, despite its maligned reputation, offers a wide range as far as entertainment is concerned, not for nothing it is the month of the new season premieres in more than one artistic field. Here we present a selection of the most outstanding cultural events of […]


Galicia, a destination for film lovers

In recent years it has begun to flourish a type of tourism that, leaving aside the seasonal and climatic conditions of a destination, focuses mainly on cultural events developed in the latter. Specifically, site visitors seeking to revive some of the scenes of your favorite movies and series in locations where these were shot. This is […]


The most charming towns of Portugal

The neighboring country, internationally recognized for its historical and cultural heritage and its great beaches, is much more than Lisbon, the capital and largest city. The only Portuguese-speaking country in Europe has small towns and cities whose streets are full of magic that give them features as their tradition or their beauty. From Five Sensations, […]


Green Spain, a coveted culinary destination

If there is anything that makes Spain a heterogeneous country is the variety of historical traditions that forms each of its regions. One of the biggest attractions is the food that, along with the landscape and climate, is one of the aspects most demanded by visitors came from abroad, both for the variety and the […]


Vidago Palace, the Portuguese hotel that rose from the ashes

The history of this luxurious property in northern Portugal did not allow that its facilities were enjoyed by those who commissioned its construction. The King Carlos I of Portugal was the one who, taking advantage of extraordinary conditions of the mineral waters of the parish of Vidago, in the town of Chaves, launched the construction […]


The magic of a city with literary airs

The bohemian and accomplice character of Oviedo inspired the author Leopoldo Alas “Clarín” to write the book which became the masterpiece of the Spanish literature of the nineteenth century: La Regenta. In the book, the capital of Asturias was identified with the name of Vetusta and the tory developed in each of its streets and crannies became so powerful that […]