July 2015


Martín Codax, a gastronomic and cultural reference

During these days the town of Cambados, in the province of Pontevedra, is immersed in a celebration which focuses its attention on one of the products of the area, which is none other than the Albariño wine. The party, declared of National Tourist Interest, is located in a town of great gastronomic traditions. Cambados, and […]


The finest golf courses in Galicia

If anything makes Galicia a perfect place to practice outdoor sports is its extraordinary nature and landscape. Golf is one of the most suitable sports for this time of year, and the Galician summer, with its moderate temperatures, invites to enjoy a day in a relaxing environment. Here we present some of the best golf courses […]


The Way of Saint James, on rails

The Way of Saint James is one of the main tourist attractions of our country both within and outside our borders. Not surprisingly, there are two distinctions that highlight its cultural, historical and spiritual value: First European Cultural Itinerary (1987), and Cultural Heritage (1993). Many travelers each year decide to embark on a journey to the […]


A hotel with more than five centuries of history

The first of the two big days of the Festivity of the Apostle of Santiago de Compostela has come. The night of the 24th July is magic for both locals and visitors who come year after year to see how the facade of the historic cathedral becomes, for a few minutes, in a canvas on […]


Discovering Galicia’s wine routes

In recent years, wine tourism is still one of the most sought after options by travelers looking for originality in each of their visits, avoiding traditional offerings. This type of tourism focuses on the wine offer of every town, inviting visitors to taste the product, making beauty treatments with it or going into the cellars […]


Galicia, a place of pilgrimage for surfers

Summer is a time to practice water sports. Galician beaches of the Atlantic coast are a must for surfing lovers because of their high waves and a moderate temperature with respect to the Mediterranean beaches. Several surf events are held in Galicia during the months of July and August and surf schools receive more applications […]


Discovering the secrets of a centenary sailboat

The boat Joaquin Vieta was built by the industrialist of the same name in the Estuary of Muros-Noia back in 1916, specifically in the shipyards of O Freixo located in the town of Outes in the province of A Coruña. That boat is now the oldest passenger ship of Galicia. The main purpose of this […]


9 health resorts and spas in Galicia that you should try

Summer is a propitious time to disconnect from any stress, and what better way to relax than in a spa, surrounded by all the comforts for your physiological and therapeutic needs. We present nine of the best spas and spa in Galicia for you to decide which one best suits your preferences: Gran Hotel La […]


A tour through three centuries of naval history

The city of Ferrol is closely linked to the sea since its origins, dating back to the first century when there was a coastal settlement in what is now the old town. Because of its privileged coastal location, with its geostrategic conditions Ferrol estuary turned into a highly attractive location for the Bourbons that in the […]


Festivities of Tourist Interest in Galicia

Galician festivities are linked to the tradition of our territory. Each one reflects our character serving a specific aspect, whether religion, history, art, gastronomy or sport. As a tool to recognize the value of Galician celebrations with a minimum of ten years old there is the honorary distinction of Festivity of Tourist interest given by General Secretary […]